“Mom and Dad, there’s something I need to tell you…I’m Gay.” 

Former Women’s Ministry Director, Kim Dent gently invites parents and others who struggle with a loved one’s sense of sexual identity to come along with her on a personal journey from being stuck in brokenness, bewilderment and grief to a the freedom and peace of compassion, honesty, spiritual integrity and deeper intimacy with Jesus.

*Do you long for reunification with your LGBTQ son or daughter?

*Do you feel misunderstood, judged unfairly or even bullied because you  personally struggle with a loved one’s sexual orientation or lifestyle?

*Do you desire to truly understand and love your LGBTQ child with the unconditional love of Christ without sacrificing your personal spiritual  integrity?

*Do you feel bewildered and alone and wonder if there is anyone who truly  understands how you feel as a Christ Follower and a loving Parent of a LGBTQ child?

 Dandelion Winds is part memoir, part devotional and part wake up call for the Church.  You will find a kindred soul in the journey as Kim invites us to walk with her into her new reality. A bewildered mom who blunders into and exposes the surprising attitudes, hidden secrets, raw emotions, misconceptions and hangups that she experienced following her daughter, Kaitlyn coming out.

Do you long to know someone else who understands first hand the incredible tension that comes from trying to reconcile your Christian Faith beliefs with your heart of love for your LGBTQ child?  Kim has been there and is ready to offer hope to you in the tension.

Whether you identify as gay or straight, liberal or conservative, Dandelion Winds will challenge you toward a more honest view of your yourself and your relationships...“Human.”

There truly is a “more excellent way”  It is full of grace and truth.   You can stay securely rooted in your personal faith convictions while respectfully releasing your adult children, friends, church community and family members to the winds of free will.  This is Love.

Dandelion Winds will inspire you to release your need to “be right”  and encourage you to seek to understand first before trying to get your point across. You can be ‘courageously authentic’ in love and offer others the respect and grace to do the same.

Dandelion Winds will encourage you to release your child and yourself to the winds of God’s unconditional love.